All aspects of the carving process are extensively explored as each participant plans, executes and finishes a sculpture. This course is ideal for those who want an in depth hands on experience of the marble carving process, steps, techniques and tools involved.  You will work on a larger piece of marble compared to the 1 or 2 weeks courses.


  • Choosing the block & properties of marble;
  • Methods and Approach: traditional to modern, by hand, pneumatic, mechanical, scan + robotics, comparison
  • Process: roughing out, modeling the form, finishing, polishing, mounting on base
  • Tools: in depth and hands on instruction in the correct use of all tools including purpose, sharpening, maintenance;
  • Tools used are: hand tools, hand and air chisels, air hammers, diamond saws, die grinders, electric grinders, bench grinder, polishing materials;
  • Exercises for: developing manual skills, creativity, comprehension of 3 D form, visualization, sketching in stone;
  • Theory, challenging preconceived ideas and perception, finding your style, intuitive thinking etc...
  • some marble carving history;


Monday – Friday
9:00 - 12:00 studio
12:00 - 13:00 lunch break
13:00 - 17:00 studio
9:00 - 12:30 studio

Along with group lessons and discussions each student is followed individually.

After hours during the week and on the weekends participants are welcome to continue their work indipendently.

Course 1300 €

Private room with en suite bathroom + 800 € (breakfast is included)

Extra non-participating guest + 500 € (breakfast is included)

We host our guest in our B&B "Almora", just 2 minutes walk from the studio.



  • 1 marble block
  • wooden sculpture stand and air hose
  • use of all tools, some only when the instructors are present and after competency is demonstrated
  • safety glasses
  • personal toolbox
  • assistance moving pieces
  • assistance organizing crates and shipping
  • printed or pdf manual
  • Guided visits to other marble studios, bronze foundries , mosaic studios, clay and mould making studio and tool stores



  • crates and shipping cost
  • personal insurance
  • travel expenses
  • meals
  • accommodation



All courses are held from April to June and from September to November and always start on Monday morning. For students that decide to include accommodation check-in will be on Sunday, the day before the beginning of the course. Accompanying family or friends are most welcome, our rooms can accommodate up to 4 people. Breakfast is included. Optional lunches on request.



If our calendar doesn't work with your schedule, or you want to stay longer after the course we offer personalized course length options.