Kyle Ann Smith

The workshop founder and instructor, Kyle Smith, is a highly qualified artist and teacher with over 40 years of experience in marble carving and 20 years teaching summer marble carving workshops in Pietrasanta, Italy, working with students from 22 countries around the world.

Originally from Albany, New York, she initially came to Italy to study at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Urbino, then marble sculpting skills directly with the Pietrasanta artisans while creating her own sculptures in marble and bronze.

After working closely with Ledo Tartarelli, a master of ornate carving, she opened her first studio in Pietrasanta and executed commissioned works in marble including works of ornate carving and works in design, painting and illustration.

She has been a marble consultant and production manager for important architectural projects and international artists. Her sculptures have been exhibited internationally in the US, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Taiwan.

While teaching marble carving workshops in her studio in Pietrasanta, and working with students from 22 countries around the world, Kyle developed a simple step by step method for easily learning and acquiring the skills in carving marble sculpture. The method is based on her own experience in sculpting and the techniques she learned from the local master artisans with whom she worked. Each step is a clear foundation for the next step, while developing your knowledge and skills as the sculpture progresses. This method is clear, easy and simple, and can be learned at any age or level of experience.




Sergio Baroni

An artist working mainly in marble, Sergio is the assistant instructor of the marble carving workshops. He grew up in Pietrasanta surrounded by sculptures, marble studios and bronze foundries, artists, students and artisans sharing their love of marble and artistic expression.

While developing his own sculptures in marble and clay, he has pursued studies in fine arts, art history, music and completed several work stages with artists and studios in Italy and England producing sculpture in marble and bronze.

When not assisting in the workshop he develops his own sculptures and collaborates with other artists for the realization of their sculptures and projects.